November 10, 2006

OMARAKRISWhenever I think of Omarion it turns out I am actually picturing Ludacris. This is beyond comprehension for a number of reasons. To wit: lately my listening-to-Omarion to listening-to-Luda ratio has been literally like 10:1. And yes I understand Ludacris has higher cultural cache, but still come on. I don’t watch music television so that is not a factor. Both stars have appeared in movies, but I have not seen ANY with of the ones with Ludacris in them. I think they’re all Oscar-buzz type movies, and I do not see those because I am already plenty in touch with my feelings and well aware of the societal issues they supposedly raise. On the other hand I did see an Omarion movie: You Got Served. I deserve to be able to remember what Omarion looks like.

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