The Girl at my Bank

November 20, 2006

Sarah ShashiI was just at the bank like 10 minutes ago. Then on my way back to my office, I was trying to picture what my teller had looked like, and I could only picture Sarah Shahi, from The L Word and more importantly Alias. Which, I am not complaining. And I’m certainly in the right ballpark; this was no slouch of a teller. I guess I was distracted because I was noticing weird things about her like, she was wearing a t-shirt, which did not seem like regulation bank teller uniform, and I was wondering if her eyelashes were real or not, because they were sort of in that grey area of length. And I was noticing that her fingernails were all bitten down. You see that a lot, on both men and women. Very attractive, but fingers are all bitten and blanched. Is that the right word? My point is I could not remember what she looked like 10 minutes after I saw her. What if I had been the bank teller, and she had been the one trying to rob the bank? I would have noticed how I desperately need a haircut, and how my shirt wasn’t quite tucked in in one place, and how I was staring creepily at her shirt and fingers, and how I carry myself like someone who thinks he is handsome, despite the fact that he totally is not.

3 Responses to “The Girl at my Bank”

  1. feartheseeds Says:

    Don’t be so harsh on yourself dude. About the memory thing, they had a cop program at my college and the teacher asked me (6′, 230lbs, pissed off) to walk into his class, stand in various areas, occasionally glare at one of the students, then walk up to his desk and make a threatening gesture that’s when he’d give me his wallet and I’d walk out at a decent speed. Their test was to describe me and nada got me right. The point, I think, was no one knows when they’re going to be an eyewitness.
    And seriously dude, if it’s the way you swing a lot of chicks dig confident unkempt guys… although, from what I’ve seen on teevee, not a lot of guys dig guys who are unkempt, but they do seem to consider that kind of person a project of some kind. Regardless, if I were you, I’d consider doing a lot more banking… .

  2. Matt V Says:

    There was a story a while back about a female bank robber that got away with a large string of heists. She flashed her imressive boobs at the male tellers, and they couldn’t remember her face.

  3. xylaphonic Says:

    Go get her tiger!

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