Former Miss Nevada, Katie Rees

January 2, 2007

KatieIf we’re going to blame society for the things you do wrong, we can also blame it for the things you don’t do right. An entire generation raised on Myspace and Britney scandals; adept at making out with members of the same sex, or showing off their sexual characteristics–both secondary and primary–as long as someone’s filming or there’s a crowd nearby to gawk. But get them alone, put the camera away, and they have absolutely no frame of reference, no idea how to act or who to be. If TMZ and Inside Edition are the new porn, the personalities they cover have just as much relation to real sex as the most inflated 80s porn star ever did. I saw the best asses of my generation deployed by YouTube, starving hysterical naked and so forth. Lindsey Lohan won’t teach you to fuck.

4 Responses to “Former Miss Nevada, Katie Rees”

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  2. joe blogg Says:

    People try to put us down,
    Talkin’ ’bout my generation…..

  3. Oomvqrbm Says:

    Of course, but what do you think about that?,

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