Weekend Love vs. Weekend Love

January 3, 2007

Elsewhere, Maura says Amerie’s mixtape Because I Love It is almost her favorite album of the year. I can’t disagree, and actually I’d bump it up to the top spot, for just the reasons Maura describes, as well as the fact that it’s the most barn-burningly catchy assortment of tunes anyone released last year. Yes I am looking at you, Mssrs. Hova and Starks.

My favorite track was “Weekend Love.” The original, in Cam’ron’s hands, is a catchy but by-the-numbers come-on to a sideline ho. Under Amerie’s guidance, the song is transformed into an empowered anthem and tribute to any woman who has her shit together, and is above running the kind of games Cam’Ron is intent on instigating.

Where Cam digs his heels in and tries to force a hook by repeating “You could be, you could be” ad infinitum, Amerie just glides effortlessly over the track, not so much responding to the original as she is willing it into reinvention. They’re both great, but Amerie has–to use the parlance of the day–swaggerjacked this one out from Killa.


MP3: Cam’ron: Weekend Love

MP3: Amerie: Weekend Love

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