Why I’m In Favor Of Mandatory RFID Chips For All Humans

January 29, 2007

Waiting, an AirportBasically just because I travel a lot, and spend a lot of time in airports. And I like to meet new people and I like thinking about all the secret things we never find out about each other, and all the circuitous and distant ways in which we are all inevitably connected, if we ask the right questions.

So here’s what I want: programmable software in my cellphone or my mp3 player or whatever it is we’re using to communicate with each other in five years. I want to be able to write to its database basically every detail of my life. Who my parents were and where I went to college, sure, but also the name of the guy who cut my hair when I was twelve, and the full names of all my step-sister’s cousins, and the name of my mom’s old boss, and every friend I’ve ever had, and everyone I knew in high school, and every town and street where I’ve ever lived, and the names of the bands I’ve been in, and the URLs for my websites, and which World Series games I’ve been to, and every job I’ve ever had and every coworker at each of those jobs, and people I only met once but who left a very positive impression.

And so I walk around with this program always sending out very short roaming signal, like 10 yards, and then it’ll buzz me whenever it finds a match in someone else’s database. I can then look and see what it turned up. Whoa no way there is a woman sitting near me who used to work with my Grandma Ellen in the kitchen at that hotel where she worked all those years before she got sick and had to be put into a nursing facility. And then I can meet this woman and hear what her story is, and we can have this little connection about my Grandma Ellen, who I loved very dearly and who died of a stroke ten years ago, but goodness in her younger days she was certainly quite a firecracker, or so I have learned from stories.

And it doesn’t have to be some big conversation, we don’t have to stay pen pals forever, but it can be a nice little moment, a meaningful human interaction where otherwise we would have both stayed silently sitting and watching two mouths jabber at each other on the Fox News television, in the airport with the terrible acoustics where you can barely hear anything, and there’s no free wifi and there’s nothing healthy to eat, and they need to turn up the air conditioning because it is so uncomfortable in here, and I am so tired from carrying these bags and I have been traveling forever and I just want to get home. I just want to get home.

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