Keeley Hazell’s Post-Coital Ritual

January 30, 2007

keeley-hazell-sm2.jpgThe energy of that woman. And you’re not even talking about during. During, sure, fine, whatever. Your genitals just ran wind sprints up Mount McKinley, forget about during. What about afterwards. She lies there next to you for about 15 seconds, brushes the hair out of her face and fixes whatever was happening with her eyelid, then she’s up– peck on the cheek and off the bed, pulling on a robe, balancing on one foot while she uses her other foot to switch on her PS2. You’re all Weren’t we just having a moment here? and she’s putting on a, strapping on a … OK, she’s playing Guitar Hero 2? She turns and winks and turns back and starts totally rocking out. Some song you’ve never even heard of.

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