Why Evan Rachel Wood Is Dating Marilyn Manson

February 2, 2007

Nice Evan Rachel WoodThe world is abuzz with news that Marilyn Manson, having been drop-kicked by Dita Von Teese, has taken up with the legal-as-of-18-months-ago Evan Rachel Wood. How could such a thing come to pass? the world says. Will the poor innocent dear even know what a pearl rabbit is, when he tells her to crawl across the floor on her knees to retreive it?

Some background and clarity:

Since Evan Rachel Wood was 12, she has been winning praise from fans and critics alike for her performances as troubled and sexually precocious teenagers. Jessie in Once and Again, Tracy in Thirteen, Kim in Pretty Persuasion, and Tobe in Down in the Valley. These are the roles that get talked about. No one talks about how good she was in The Missing, because no one wants to see her in The Missing. We only want to see her being underage and having (or more accurately: desiring) sex. It’s what her entire career has been built on.

But now she’s no longer underage, and she won’t be able to capture the public’s attention with that type of performance. So what is an actress–craving the public’s affection, and knowing it only responds when she does something provocative–to do? Man I do not know, but hey how about have sex with the grossest guy ever?

So if you’re wondering who strapped Evan Rachel Wood to Marilyn Manson’s pommel horse, who dressed her in vinyl and and tightened her ball gag, who plugged in the Sybian and arranged the flavored lotions just so, I think maybe you should just take a look in the mirror.

2 Responses to “Why Evan Rachel Wood Is Dating Marilyn Manson”

  1. Ed Says:

    Hi Jason. Ed Shepp here–I recorded your Hugh Laurie piece. Thanks for the comment! I was wondering if you had seen/would see the entry. I’m glad you liked it. In case it interests you, here is a small example I found of the reaction it got (after someone posted it on her House MD Yahoo group):



  2. I can’t see that page, I guess you have to be logged in or something, but I’m glad for any reaction it got. Thanks!

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