The Plus and Minus of Avril’s “Girlfriend”

February 23, 2007

I want to be your girlfriend!+2 – That hand-clappy 50s girl-group drum beat on the chorus and bridge. I tend to love (or at least look favorably on) any song that chooses to incorporate this motif. I always thought it would be a good theme to organize a mix tape around, but I keep forgetting to make a list of all the songs that use it. Veruca Salt’s “David Bowie”, there’s one.

+1 – Those backing vocals on the 2nd verse (So come over here) and pre-chorus (Ah-ah-ah) are kind of nice, aren’t they? Like they just popped over from a better song.

0 – “Hell yeah I’m the motherfucking princess.” This is the midline of the song. On the one hand, it’s a delicious line to have in a pop song. On the other hand, anyone who attended high school knows girls for whom this was their personal mantra, and god damn were they not the most awful girls in the world and did you not totally wish that they never existed.

-1 – Is that giggling going on behind the bridge? Giggling from traditionally dour Avril is information that does not fit within my cognitive schema. What if Derik was in the studio, tickling her. What if they were naked, or sharing an inside joke from their early courtship. What if I never get the horrible images conjured by this giggling out of my head.

-2 – Whoever wrote the song (“Avril”?) decided we needed to hear the chorus 10 times.* Come now. Even for a pop song, that’s stretching it a bit, no? Even Girls Aloud will give it a good 8 and out.

*Twenty times, if you listen to the Spanglish version directly after the English version.

2 Responses to “The Plus and Minus of Avril’s “Girlfriend””

  1. mokin Says:

    i don’t know if this is exactly what you mean, but Joanna has two (2!) mix CDs that are just songs containing hand clapping. They are the best and happiest mixes ever.

  2. Joanna sounds like my kind of person.

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