The Limits of Science and Interspecies Kindness

March 22, 2007

Sorry I have not updated in so long. I have had some Family Troubles that I’ve been dealing with. My cousin has been diagnosed with that disease where your body grows at a normal rate except your butt stays like an infant’s. I forget what it’s called, but you can look it up on Wikipedia. (If it’s not there now, try again later tonight.) Anyways, I’m mainly helping him stay comfortable at the moment. There’s not a lot the doctors can do, and if you think finding pants that fit is a huge issue, try finding a willing donor. We can (allegedly) put a man on the moon and do whatever that thing is that’s happening with Iraq, but we can’t figure out why my adult cousin’s butt is still as tiny as a newborn’s. Sorry to be a downer, I’m just Depressed about Life. I’ll write more when I cheer up. Maybe I’ll try to find a website on the internet where people take pictures of their cats and then add strange captions in Microsoft Paint and then save them as .gifs.

4 Responses to “The Limits of Science and Interspecies Kindness”

  1. mokin Says:

    Having Roast Beef write entries for you is really poor form.

  2. La langue de la dépression est universelle.

  3. Savannah Says:

    Like this one?

  4. Excellent work digging that up, Savannah.

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