I’m Finding Out True Love Is Blind

March 25, 2007

I was thinking about Veronica Mars the other day and then later, perhaps coincidentally??? I read about how that show is probably going to get cancelled. Which is fine, I stopped getting weepy about shows I like being cancelled a long time ago. PASSIONSo hardened is my heart that I don’t even watch TV anymore, I just wait for the hivemind to sort it out, then make the necessary changes to my Netflix queue.

But anyways what I was thinking about Veronica Mars was actually about that song by Louis XIV. (Don’t make me link to an mp3 or the video, this is hard enough.) I realize there are so many reasons why I shouldn’t even dare to have that song on Chlamydia, my iPod. Their name is dumb, and the singer has a horrifying affected accent, and they’re associated with that blogger girl who for some reason everyone hates, and they sound like the world’s worst Hold Steady cover band. Gotcha.PASSION

And yet, and yet. That is the the song that was playing in the background when Veronica and Logan Echolls first made out, on the balcony at the motel, so for me it will always be a song that speaks to the heated ferocity and rollercoaster horror of unbridled animal lust.

So I was listening and thinking that if PASSIONVeronica Mars the show ever got cancelled, the actors who play Veronica and Logan should just make it their job to be in porn movies together. Because I would watch that shit all day. I’m not even sure which one I’m more attracted to. Or if attraction is even the point. It’s just the primal, ineffable magnetism between the two, their complex, tortured coupling transcending all space and time.

And so now that it looks like the show is a goner, I just wanted to put my vote out there, in terms of what kind of entertainment I could see replacing the hole in my life that will be left by the show. Hivemind, do with this information what thou wilt.

5 Responses to “I’m Finding Out True Love Is Blind”

  1. RKB Says:

    Not to be all schoolmarm-ish, but I’m going to correct you anyway. The song that plays when they kiss on the balcony is actually “Momentary Thing” by a band called Something Happens.

  2. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? Why do I think it’s that song? Does it play at some other time in that episode? You are throwing my whole universe into complete turmoil.

  3. RKB Says:

    Sorry to fuck up your chi, but that song doesn’t even play over a Logan/Veronica scene.


    Here’s the link to the real song.

  4. That song isn’t in ANY scene with them, ever? I’m just completely crazy? I love it. Why would my brain put all that information together so horribly, I wonder. I love it love it love it. I’m completely out of touch with reality. I cannot be trusted.

    That song you linked above sucks, btw. No wonder my brain disregarded it.

  5. RKB Says:

    It’s an Irish pop band that’s been defunct for nearly 15 years. Did you really expect greatness?

    I think the sentiment of the song you remember is totally apropos the situation (I mean, really, whodathunkit?), even if the tone isn’t.

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