The Unnamed Act

April 10, 2007

You were bent over–feet on the floor, hands on the bed–thinking.

“Fucking someone’s ass” implies penetration. We can at least all agree on that, right? So what do you call penile frottage between another person’s buttocks. There’s really no good shorthand, no macro, for that. It’s like the kids have slang for everything except that. You’re racking your brain, here. Making A Hot Dog. No, too vague. The Greek Luge. Too obvious. The Amnesiac’s Valley. Too highfalutin. The Unicorn’s Comfort. Meh, too sentimental.

Well, whatever. You’ll post the question on your blog later, soliciting suggestions, but for now it’s academic. As long as Anderson Cooper is the one who’s doing it to you, who even cares.

One Response to “The Unnamed Act”

  1. RKB Says:

    As my mama always said, “Don’t ask questions…just be grateful.”

    Although I’m pretty sure she’d not approve of the context.

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