Missing People

July 4, 2007

delete-key-sm.jpg1. Andy Crewdson

Website information:
www.linesandsplines.com, www.new-series.org
archive.org results for linesandsplines.com
archive.org results for new-series.org
Google search for “Andy Crewdson”

2. Craig Mitchell

Website information:
www.myboot.com, www.myboot.org
archive.org results for myboot.com
archive.org results for myboot.org
Google search for “She Hates My Futon”

4 Responses to “Missing People”

  1. Bill Says:

    Oh man, “She Hates My Futon” was wonderful, even though it was never finished. It’s a shame he’s all but disappeared (without finishing the story, dammit!).

  2. mokin Says:

    I loved She Hates My Futon. Have you tried looking on MySpace? I’ve found a few old friends that way.

    Also, whatever happened to Jim Park from scratchpaper.com and The Burning Itch?

  3. Dan Jones Says:

    I have Craig’s SN on AIM added to my friends list. On rare occasion in the past, we’d chat as he worked in the same field as I do. I see him online about once a week or so and have IMed him a few times but he doesn’t respond anymore. It is possible it is someone else using that SN now. It is sad his site disappeared. I never quite knew the whole story behind his change from .com to .org but when it did happen, I thought maybe, just maybe, he’d finish his story.

  4. Geoff Says:

    I think Andy Crewdson is a fiction. If not, where did he go? I got to the party late, reading a 2002 Print article about the quoined term ‘blog’ referring to Crewdson’s weblog. Linesandsplines was already gone by the time the issue went to print — Andy’s wunderkind aura still lingers.

    Perhaps he eloped with Jennifer Sterling and they lived happily ever after in typographic bliss. ‘The End’ set in shimmering Coronet. Because she seems to have vanished as well. And that’s a bigtime bummer.

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