Missing People II

September 9, 2007

help_key.jpg3. Alice Matsumoto

Website information:
Archive.org results for 50cups.com
Google search for “Alice Matsumoto”

4. Dennis Mahoney

Website information:
TMN archive
ALA article from 2002
Archive.org results for 0format.com
Google search for “Dennis Mahoney”

3 Responses to “Missing People II”

  1. lia Says:

    I miss this people as well, dammit. Wouldn’t Tobias Seamon know about Dennis Mahoney? He used to have stuff on 0format too, if I remember correctly. I miss that site.

  2. […] my friends have written and I think: I am going to miss these people when they’re gone. Gone away from the internet or gone dead. I’m clinging to things that are important to me while it feels like the […]

  3. Giganticide Says:

    Giganticide’s back now. Nice to be missed.

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